Friday, December 17, 2010

Vick for MVP

It's not easy being a Vikings fan this season. So I'm forced to find other sources of intrigue in the NFL, and I've found it in the Michael Vick comeback. Sports Illustrated takes a look at his saga in a recent cover story entitled 'What Michael Vick Tells us About Ourselves.' I didn't learn too much about myself reading the article, but there's no shortage of interesting sidebars to the whole tale.

I know there are those who still cringe in revulsion at the mention of his name. And at one time I was one of them. But he's paid the debt society determined he pay (unlike, say, Ray Lewis), has behaved for the most part as if he's sincerely contrite, and is hands down the most exciting player in the game to watch. If he's not MVP as he deserves to be, he's certainly the comeback athlete of the year. His story is a classic American redemption story. I sure hope he continues to give us a reason to cheer.


UNRR said...

I'm an Eagles fan and Vick has definitely been amazing this year. But I think Tom Brady is a lock for MVP.

"The Hammer" said...

You know the sports press has their favorites and I'm sure Tom Brady or Michael Vick (for his efforts a whole half-season) will win. But I'd like to just mention Philip Rivers. He has comparable numbers to Brady and plays on a much less talented team. He deserves a little more God-damned respect and consideration!

The fact is boys and girls, Rivers has always been ignored by the sports elite. In the 2003 Heisman voting he finished seventh behind three other quarterbacks and wasn't even invited to the ceremony in NY. Terry Bowden said he should have won it and if he'd played for LSU or 'Bama he would have.

But getting back to the present, I know Brady is having a great year and I don't have a problem with him winning the thing, but I do have a problem with Michael Vick being considered second best. He's not. And furthermore he's a scumbag criminal playing on a team of thugs in a town full of loudmouthed drunken idiots (I know, takes one to know one).

Anyway, it's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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