Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Senate Repeals Don't Ask Don't Tell

...joining the House.  The President will likely sign this one soon.  While I understand and appreciate the arguments against allowing gay people to serve, ultimately, I find them unpersuasive.  Legislative repeal is the way to do this, not having a court force it on DOD,


Anonymous said...

The arguments for allowing gays to serve are as persuasive as the arguments in favor of the DREAM Act.

Anonymous said...

At the myriad of Formal Galas, Christmas Balls, and other Military soirees associated with this time of year, toasts are normally provided to start-off the evening's festivities.

One has to wonder, what will next year's toasts be?

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose a toast.....To Our Partners!"

"Gentlemen, please seat your ladies." (will be interesting to see who sits down)

or will it be,
"Tops, please seat your Bottoms."

Anonymous said...

stand by for the FLOOD of gay people who have been waiting with bated breath to join the military and can FINALLY do so! ...yeah

Anonymous said...

There have been gays in the military ever since there has been a military. Every one of us who has served in the military either knew some who were gay or others who we strongly suspected were gay. Neither had any affect on our ability to serve our country.
these are the same hackneyed arguments that werte used against allowing women to become pilots or to serve on combat ships.

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