Saturday, December 10, 2011

Republican Power Summit: Raleigh, NC

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, it was quite a night in Raleigh.  In payment of the debt earned through Virginia's non-performance against the NC State Wolfpack this year, I met The Hammer for dinner in a fine steakhouse in Raleigh, and what followed can only be termed as a delight.  My sister Kelly joined us, though Hammer's Mrs. was feeling ill and had to stay home (sorry Rachel, I hope you are available next time). 

The Hammer and CW
It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  The food was superb, the conversation first-rate, and the company was convivial.  Definitely a "do-over".  Thanks, Hammer, for your good cheer and friendship.And thank you to my sister Kelly who made the two of us look less like an old, gay couple.


Sally said...

Don't worry, you don't look old.

Anonymous said...

Power Summit or borefest?

"The Hammer" said...

I wasn't bored anon, and you're an asshole for suggesting such a thing.

It was a good evening apart from CW's embarassing bahavior. He kept leering at this obvious escort service gal at the next table (hot babe with a middle-aged guy, all over each other). Thought for a minute there I'd have to throw a glass of water in his face, cool him off a bit. And our waitress was frumpy. I prefer 25 year old tarts with nice...accoutrements, rather than chatty middle-aged women.

But it was a nice evening and Kelly is always good company. She has that sense of fun so appealing in the Irish. AND, all I paid for was one brewski (served in a really fancy glass) at the bar while waiting ($6.95 + 2.00 tip).

CW, next time you're in town I'll bring you guys out to my local for some peasant food...chicken wings, Reuben sandwiches and burgers. We'll even let David and Rachel tag along. But you can't wear a tie, only ball caps.

Anonymous said...

I thought I looked more like your hag...

Broke Dick aka Poor Richard said...

"A man with an opionion is seldom boring."

Benjamin Franklin

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