Monday, October 15, 2012

100th Donation Received! $22K Mark Broken in CW for Romney!

Two donations received today, one from the gentleman from Tickbite, NC, and one from my favorite Georgetown graduate--who also happens to be the 100th donor!  He will be offered the rare and wonderful chance to post to the site on a subject of his choosing, subject of course to the high standards to which this blog strives and maintains.

We are only $3000 from the blog goal of $25,000.  I read today somewhere that President Obama has "three hours left to save his Presidency."  Let's make it harder for him to do so.

Please click this link to the CW for Romney Fund.  It is essential that you check the box that says you know your referrer, and that when you do so, it brings up two boxes, one with "INT 2012" in it, and the other with the number "4847" in it.  If they aren't there, please type them in.  That's how the blog gets credit.

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"The Hammer" said...

Thank you so very much for spelling Tickbite correctly. As you might imagine, we are constantly getting all these highfalutin "educated" types always trying to tell us it's "Tick Bite". No it ain't! It's just like Possum. Possums are possums, not Opossums, unless they happen to be Irish possums of which there ain't any.
Sometimes I lose all patience. But back to my point, you did good.

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