Sunday, October 14, 2012

College Football Pigskin Review Week 7; Hammerhagic Fever Edition

We had somewhat of a shake-out this week and some interesting contests. The premier game was the South Carolina Gamecocks traveling to Death Valley to meet the LSU Tigers. LSU was of course coming off a tough road lose to the Flawda Gators and looking for a little redemption. And considering the Tigers have a home winning streak going back to the Battle of New Orleans, well... for the other Carolina, that ain't where you wanna be. But the Cocks gave 'em all they wanted till crunch time and then their defense got tired. LSU scored 13 in the 4th. quarter and it was good night Irene. Spurrier had a 3 visor thrown to the ground and an 11 time headset violently ripped off head (unassisted) night. And by the way, what's up with South Carolina's uniforms, slag heap camo? Keep this up and Mary-land's uniforms will start looking good. Speaking of Mary-land, they took the short ride to Charlottesville to play in Virginia X's Homecoming. Need I recount the gory details? Let me just say poor Mike London has some problems.

In other games K-State busted Iowa State's upset minded bubble, OU wore Texas' ass clean out (that game ain't what it used to be), the University of New Jersey beat Syracuse, Auburn lost again this time to Ole Miss (from Penthouse to outhouse) Kent State clipped Army (presumably getting a little revenge for the 4-0 score in 1970) and the #10 ranked Oregon State Beavers gave BYU a hiding 42-24 (always was a big Beaver fan, just ask the wife).

But the other big game (no I didn't forget) was the highly touted West Virginia Mountaineers and their Heisman Trophy hopeful Gino Smith going down like a bunch of San Francisco hairdressers to the Texas Tech Red Raiders 49-14...and it wasn't that close. Look, anybody who knows anything about football can tell you when you get a team like WVU ringing up the scoreboard like it's nothing and then play a team with a good defense and good coaching (Tommy Tuberville, remember him?) well this is what you get. West Virginia is a good football team, but they ain't the fifth best team in the country! Fifth best in the S.E.C. maybe.

Oh one more note, Beano Cook died this week. Beano was what I'd term a Yankee Redneck. He was common as dirt, said what he thought with not a helluva lot of social graces. But he knew football. The New York Times had an interesting story in his obit which I reprint here without their permission because they can kiss my ass.
In one tale he often told, as recounted by Sports Illustrated, Mr. Cook received a phone call one day from a woman asking for a copy of the roster of the Pitt football team. Mr. Cook said she should wait until the squad was cut, to 75 or 80 players from the original 120. “Otherwise it’s really a waste of your time,” he said. But the woman demanded the roster immediately. He asked why. “Because,” she said, “I want to sleep with everybody on the Pitt football team.” Mr. Cook gasped, but rallied. “Well,” he said, “in alphabetical order, starting at guard ... Cook, Beano.” 

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