Monday, October 29, 2012

CW for Romney Crushes $26K--Up Next--$27K!!!

The bad weather has brought out some new donations, and I couldn't be more grateful!  Alabama's most famous helicopter pilot chipped in, as did a stalwart conservative defense contractor from Northern Virginia and my favorite woman in the entire state of Wyoming!

Can you feel it, folks?  Can you begin to feel that SOMETHING IS HAPPENING?  The polls suggest it, but trust what you know.  No one who voted for McCain is voting for Obama--but TONS of people--people you know--who voted for Obama are now voting for Romney.  Where are the yard signs for Obama?  Where are the bumper stickers?

President Obama's message of Hope and Change has been replaced by one of bitterness and recrimination--while Mitt Romney assures us that help is on the way in the form of a guy who knows what he is doing.

I assure you--money you contribute in the last week of the campaign WILL NOT GO TO WASTE.  The campaign is widening its focus to places like Pennsylvania and Minnesota, while the relentless concentration on the swing states continues.  This takes money--and it takes YOUR SUPPORT.

Please click this link to the CW for Romney Fund.  It is essential that you check the box that says you know your referrer, and that when you do so, it brings up two boxes, one with "INT 2012" in it, and the other with the number "4847" in it.  If they aren't there, please type them in.  That's how the blog gets credit.

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