Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate #2: Obama Comes Out Swinging

Bottom Line Up Front:  I think the President took this debate.  By a hair.  I would have called a tie, or even a slight win for Romney--if not for the Libya exchange.  Romney missed a huge opportunity on this, and he seemed unsure of himself--especially on whether or not the President talked about the attack as a terror attack. 

Romney did not back down.  He went toe-to-toe.  He looked Presidential.  But I do not think he won.

The race will tighten.  It is coming down to the wire.


Sally said...

Not only Libya, but carping about whether it was his time to talk made him look small too. But David Gergen thought he did well!

Moondog said...

Draw - a case could be made for either for a slight victory but neither side can claim much more. I see momentum still moving towards Romney. This is interesting stuff.

Tass said...

As if 23 million poor souls without gainful employment give a rat's arse about Lybia, or if Romney "looked small" asking about his time (since he got screwed out of 4 minutes). Can we get real?

Isn't it outrageous that Obama's 4-year record either never happened, or that his policies are/were superior, according to Obama's “answers” (to questions not actually asked)?

This DESPITE not improving the employment picture, despite his own government agencies and the Fed forecasting no improvement in economic growth, and thus no new jobs, despite more people than ever on food stamps, despite trillion dollar deficits every single year, despite our credit downgrade which increases interest paid on our debt, despite inflation, despite deflating the dollar, despite Muslims openly infiltrating his administration and making policy(!), despite pretty much destroying our military, despite our enemies (some of which we didn't have before Obama) openly spitting in our faces and killing our people, despite Obama's new Russian “bud” Putin (“tell Vladamir I'll have more flexibility after my last election”)! I could go on and on – don't get me started.

So, Obama “won” the debate? How can you lose a debate to a lying empty suit like Obama?

Hopefully, there are still enough people left with something we call IQs and don't “belong to the government”. Because if there are not, prepare to live the “Kenyan life” on less than $200 per year, or, like Obama's brother, on a dollar a month, living in a shed. But we won't have it as good as him, because they don't have brutally cold winters over there.

Bundle Up!

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