Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Veep Debate

Well, Joe Biden did what he needed to do.  He threw the D's some red meat.  He fought hammer and tong with Paul Ryan.  He enjoyed himself immensely.

Paul Ryan also did what he needed to do.  He showed himself mature and ready.  He showed himself to be on top of the facts. He defended Romney well.

On style, Paul Ryan won going away.  Biden's laughs, his condescension, his sighs--were just flat out annoying.

Both side's guy did what he needed to do, and both sides can take away a win from this one.

The question though--is--what will independents and undecideds think of it?  My guess?  Not a good night for the President.  But it won't move the needle.

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"The Hammer" said...

Biden proved once again the guy could hide his own Easter eggs. The man is nuts! And Radditz was the partisan she is. She spoons feeds Biden and badgers Ryan, and worst of all allows Biden to interupt, talk over Ryan and muddle the message. It was disgraceful.
Why is it we get all these mainstream media types moderating the debates, including Jim Lehrer, and not one conservative? I'm not talking Sean Hannity but Jesus man, they had Stephie moderate a Republican primary debate. Remember? That's when he planted the abortion question straight out of the blue. Everybody in the room was looking at him with jaws dropped thinking; "where the -uck did that come from?"
Overall Ryan did pretty good and Biden was the smarmy, arrogant asshole that he is. I just wish Ryan had that Irish sense of fun (biting but polite ridicule), he could have partied with Biden a bit.

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