Sunday, October 28, 2012

College Football Review: Week 9, Hammer My Head Against the Wall Edition

Bad news first. As you may know I'm a proud gradgeate of NCSU. I attended on a Biscuitville scholarship after winning the "name that biscuit" contest (yes that's right, "Pig in a Pillow" was my idea). So as you might imagine I'm gutted by yesterday's 43-35 Wolfpack lose to Carolina in Chapel Hill. Our quarterback Mike Glennon had a fantastic day throwing for 467 yards besting his previous high in the third quarter. But State had a case of the dropsies, inexplicably dropping pass after pass one in the fourth quarter that would have resulted in a walk-in TD. But the game changer was Giovani Bernard (damn Italians!). He ran and caught for 240 yards including a 74 yard punt return with 13 seconds on the clock to seal the win. If this guy went to Michigan they'd be #3 right now and he'd be a Heisman candidate; and that's no joke. Oh well, we'll get 'em next year.  

The national picture is a lot clearer this week and the cream has risen to the top. And guess what? The Irish are back. Notre Dame went down to Norman and took care of bidness. Now I know OU ain't the Sooners of old (Bob Stoops being a half-wit and all) and I know this isn't your daddy's Oklahoma (not many Thomas Lott, David Overstreet or Billy Sims caliber players) but they are a quality team and this is Norman, Oklahoma on a Saturday. But the Irish met the challenge and I have to say, their defense is outstanding! This team is a contender.

Kansas State keeps winning handily this time against a good Texas Tech team. K State scares hell out of the BCS. They're too good to ignore but not sexy. The powers that be do not want this team playing for the big one because they just won't pull the numbers. Naturally they want Alabama and Notre Dame, and they may get it. 'Bama wore out a previously undefeated Miss State yesterday.

The most disappointing game of the day was Georgia and Florida. By all accounts it looked like spring scrimmage. The Georgia quarterback had one more completion than interceptions in the first quarter...and his team won! This is one of the biggest rivalries in American sports and it was a fumbling, bumbling joke. Was everybody high? Anyway Florida punched their ticket and drops by the wayside.

So, we've got Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame still in the hunt. By the way, after State's miserably performance in Chapel Hill maybe CW will reconsider and make a small wager on State vs. Virginia this coming Saturday. Come on man, don't be a coward, it's only money.

See ya next week. Oh, stay tuned for my all ACC selections coming soon. If you have any suggestions I'll be glad to entertain them (or ridicule as the case may be).


The Conservative Wahoo said...

No bet, no way.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Hell, I'll just buy you a steak dinner for your company. But not betting on that team.

"The Hammer" said...

It ain't about the wager, we could be betting matchsticks. It's about pride and loyality and school spirit. It's about Wake Island and the Alamo. It's about defiance in the face of overwhelming odds. It's about putting everything on the line in a hopeless cause just to say F you pal, youre getting my best shot and I don't give a shit. You see I'm doing you a favor not trying to take your money. I gave you the opportunity to redeem this rotten team of yours, and the Gods would have notice. This one small wager could have upset the cosmic ether or put a ripple in the space/time continuum and UVA could have turned their season around and laid the groundwork for a top 20 team next year. But nooooooooo. Im just gonna sit here and cry in my beer. I don't understand that attitude.
Come on dude, be the man your daddy raised or get your ass to Vermont and start blogging for Barry Saunders. Now what's it gonna be?

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