Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two More Donations---$24K is in Sight!

Received two kind donations overnight, one from our stalwart Hampton Roads retired Marine, and one from a brother destroyer captain who was very patient with me as I followed in his wake.  Thanks to both of them, and to all who have donated.

But look, folks.  We're less than $1500 from the $25K goal. Think about it.  The readers of this little blog, of late unfortunately ignored by its founder, have reached deeply and supported our candidate to the tune of nearly $25K.  We're under two weeks from the end, and there are a lot of commercials and mailings left to go.

Won't you consider one more trip to the cookie jar? 

Please click this link to donate...to the CW for Romney Fund.  It is essential that you check the box that says you know your referrer, and that when you do so, it brings up two boxes, one with "INT 2012" in it, and the other with the number "4847" in it.  If they aren't there, please type them in.  That's how the blog gets credit.

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