Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Maybe if we ignore it...

I have to hand it to our President, when he focuses on a problem he focuses on a problem. His problem now is getting re-elected. None of this namby-pamby prioritizing nonsense, no walking and chewing gum at the same time. He's got a job to do and no dead ambassador or torched consulate or CHINESE HACKING into the WHITE HOUSE office for NUCLEAR commands will distract him from the task at hand. Eh... that would be...I guess, fundraising in Vegas and campaigning in Ohio and politicking on The View to welfare queens and the last 23 middle-class housewives in America who haven't been forced to take a job at Target. A very determined guy our President.

Unfortunately for us, his determination doesn't extend to maintaining our national security (among other things). We all know the Libya/Egypt story, at least those of us who pay attention. And we know Afghanistan is a mess, we're up to speed on that one too. But this cyber-warfare story that the Chinese hacked our nuclear codes was buried almost from the beginning. As you may know, the Chinese have been attacking our computer networks almost daily for a few years now (CW you should certainly know this!). And not just us, they have hacked EU emails in Brussels (I'm surprised they haven't offered Barroso a job, they share the same ideology after all), Haliburton (the leftys must love that) and even a Canadian magistrate's computer. They have hacked electric grids, NIEHS, NASA and according to Richard Clarke (remember him, hardly a right winger) they have hacked every major corporation in the United States! They have embedded worms and Trojan Horses in chips and boards manufactured in China (sitting idle waiting to be activated). Our government and corporations spend billions upon billions on research and development and the Chinese steal it for a pittance.

But what does our President and our corrupt media do? Not much. It's just too distracting, must stay focused.

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