Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mitt Romney Will Win the Election

I have been a Romney supporter since I sent my first contribution in April of 2011.  I picked him way back then because I looked at who was making noise about running for the GOP nomination, and I decided only one of them could beat Barack Obama--and that was Mitt Romney.

We are now 18 months down the road, and until this moment, I have believed that Barack Obama was likely to be re-elected.  That possibility did not dampen my spirits nor did it keep me from working hard to elect Romney--it was simply my sense of the power of incumbency and the large voting bloc the President could rely upon among committed Democrats and minorities.

But today is different.  This is the day that I come forward to say, Mitt will win.  And it will be much less close than many feel the election will be.  I predict no less than 321 electoral college votes for Romney.  He will win all states except:

HI, WA, OR, CA, NV, NM, IL, DC, MD, DE, NJ, PA, NY, CT, MA, RI and VT.

You heard it here first.


I'd like to revise and extend these remarks and ad a graphic.  Hammer (in the comments) made me realize that I hadn't done a good job checking my math and looking hard at the map.  So I did this interactive map and came up with a squeeker of a victory for Romney:


Joseph Shaffer said...

I've been saying this to my friends for weeks--they, and my lovely wife, all insisted I was insane, but they're starting to become believers, too.

Anonymous said...

What about Maine? Best case scenario f/ Romney is that he wins the 2nd CD (and, therefore, one electoral vote) and even that is a stretch.

"The Hammer" said...

You've got all the upper Midwest (apart from Illinois of course) going Romney? Mini-soda, Michigan, the Cheese-heads and Ohio all going Republican, oh and Pennsylvania too. Mini-soda hasn't voted Republican since 1972 and a lot of those states since George I.
That's a bold prediction but I hope you're right.

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