Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day

Jimmy Wires, Paterfamilias
I never really know whether father is singular possessive, plural possessive, or plural in its use commemorating this day, so I'll leave it as it is.  But Happy Day to all of those who are fathers.

One day when I was a younger, far more obnoxious and less wise man, I was home from college and happened to be in the kitchen while my father was carrying out his routine for the morning before leaving for work.  Dad is many things, but a natty dresser is not among them.  Not that he's a slob, he just never seemed to put a lot of thought into what it was he was wearing to work in the morning.  So in my best know it all voice, I said, "you know Dad, you run a successful business, you have salesmen and others coming to call on you every day...have you thought about stepping up your wardrobe a little?"   Without missing a beat, and out of my mother's hearing, he whispered, "who the fuck do I have to impress?"

Thus endeth the lesson.

Happy Fathers Day everyone.

1 comment:

dear old Dad said...

Perhaps it was the four years of sailing ships in dungarees, undress blues, etc. made me know I could get away with being unkempt unless the timing called for dress up stuff.

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