Thursday, June 4, 2015

How Did We Come to This?

We've got secret legislation, star chambers, domestic spying on our own citizens, open borders and an out of control bureaucracy aligned with a corrupt administration supported by a press that would give Pravda pause. All the while the Republicans act as if it's just another day at the office and/or are so intimidated they jump on the Democrat bandwagon so as not to appear too irrelevant. They have turned into the fake opposition of Bob Michel who famously said "I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and KNOW I'm going to lose today" and he did.

The Republican Party can no longer be depended upon to advance and preserve our values. They are weak and afraid, otherwise with their majorities which WE gave them Obama would be hobbled and just riding out his time. If we want change, change back from the Euro-socialist, statist, in your business and in your wallet Democrat policies we are suffering through presently, then don't count on Boner or McConnell, they ain't got the balls.

We need new management. We need a political Billy Martin to shake things up. These moderate Republicans are killing us, our party and our country.

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Mudge said...

There is a trick taught in lifeguard training to use the victim's panic to the lifeguard's advantage. If the victim is lunging toward you, do not let him grab you because he could cause both of you to drown if he gets hold of you. Rather, keep reaching your hand out to him while swimming toward your desired destination (ashore for a lifeguard, ever leftward for a socialist) and as long as the victim has the energy to keep lunging to reach out for your extended hand, you can lure him safely to shore. I often wonder if the GoP recalls that their oath of office provides a reference point that would show them the aisle they keep lunging to reach across has drifted considerably left. The Constitution is fixed in place. Uphold it, dammit.

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