Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bella Napoli

Got an email from my Dad today, and he reminded me that I hadn't shared any thoughts from my recent trip to Naples. So here are a few:

--Flew Air France there and back, through Paris. Perfect flights, plenty of room in coach, tremendous entertainment systems (saw Will Smith in "Hancock"...what a fun movie), great food, attractive flight attendants. Three cheers for subsidized airlines.

--Naples is such an alive city. Yes, it is dirty...but it is also beautiful. The wedding was held on the grounds of a villa in Posillipo, overlooking the bay. Gorgeous scenery, stunning setting. I have yet to find a place in Italy that I could not live.

--One big problem in poop. It is everywhere. There is no culture of baggies and scoops; none at all. I went for a run on Sunday and it really turned into an agility drill.

--As I said in an earlier post, all the Euros at the wedding and most of the Americans were fans of Obama. A little discouraging. One particularly reprehensible woman said something like "i didn't march on Washington and burn my bras so Sarah Palin could be VP". Oh? I suppose you did those things simply so that women who agreed with you could attain high office.

It was a great trip for a wonderful event.

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