Saturday, October 25, 2008

Texting: A Sign of the Apocalypse?

In Free for All Friday, John S takes aim at text messaging:

Want another indicator? "Texting." These kids would rather text than talk to a real person. I've had concerns since the advent of e-mail, then IM, now texting about our society's ability to document culture and history in the electronic world. Ask brother Kurt, the writing professor, about this trend. Not that the "Letters of Obama" would ever be a classic anyway, but there simply won't be letter compendia to document the next, last hundred years of our culture.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Just can't join you here, John S. Every generation likes to look down its nose at the next; not sure of a time in American history where that hasn't been the case. Texting works fine, gets quick meaning across, I got no issue with it. Now, if you want to talk about the next generation's complete inability to actually write, that's a different story!

Mudge said...


Beyond Bibb's Store said...

My problem isn't so much with texting as it is with dweebs sitting on a couch texting at a fraternity party. Why bother coming to the party? Why not text from Alder-womyn Library or the Comm School or Starbucks or some other geeky wateringhole? It's a fraternity party---Hellooooo?!

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