Monday, October 27, 2008

Ted Stevens Convicted

Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska has been convicted of seven counts of lying on financial disclosure statements, hiding considerable gifts/services given him over the years. Good. He deserves to be convicted, and he deserves whatever punishment comes his way.

He needs to resign now. If Republicans were to be able to maintain 41 votes only through his holding the seat, then I would rather see the Democrats have filibuster proof majorities. It is that important to the Republican Party to separate itself from this cancerous man.


Smoothfur said...

Any government servant who is found guilty of malfeasance while in office should in addition to their jail time, have ALL of their worldly goods and monies confiscated. Sell their home and put their family into an apartment in a public housing project and if unable to work provide the minimum welfare stipend.

Anonymous said...

In China, he would receive life in prison -- just like the guy who took bribes for the Olympic Bird's nest.

Anonymous said...

make him jump of the bridge to nowhere

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