Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Ok, give it your best shot.  What's on your mind this BFFFFA?  Wishing you were at CPAC?  Or in a Cairo square?  Share, people. Share.


"The Hammer" said...

Is there any doubt we will eventually be at war with Islam? Some may say the more moderate and secular among the faith will reassert themselves before it's too late. I disagree. Turkey was a secular democracy (for the most part), now the fundamentalists are in control. Granted they haven't installed an Iranian style dictatorship but give them time, it's coming. Egypt may be next.

What we are engaged in now is a cold war, and sometimes not so cold. We allowed some raghead to be the chief inspector of the Iranian nuclear program (they even gave him a Nobel Prize) and now we're reduced to virus attacks on their computer system (which we probably sold them). Will the war turn hot when Islam gets nuclear tipped missiles?

There's a pattern here. It's a pattern that has played out over history time and time again. It's the pattern of a defeated and humiliated enemy that swears a blood oath against their supposed oppressors. They are driven by their desires and we are disinterested, complacent and apathetic. Sometimes the people wake up from their denial and get their shit together. Sometimes they recognize the threat and do what needs to be done; and sometimes the Visigoths sack Rome.

Sally said...

I just watched a great speech by Herman Cain at CPAC. It was really something. Check out some of the CPAC speeches on CSPAN 2. Mitch Daniels is on tonight at 7:30

"The Hammer" said...

Herman Cain is a bad mofo.

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