Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Not Willing to Let Christie Have All the Fun!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker--in office all of about, oh, a month, is rapidly rising in the esteem of the conservative establishment.  Check out the coverage of what's going in in Wisconsin on Drudge--pretty interesting stuff.

Walker is going after public sector unions in a big way.  You remember, the folks who hold local schools and government hostage to their civil right not to pay for any of their healthcare or pensions--those people.

Walker is showing a lot of political courage here, and Democrats in Wisconsin are on the wrong side of the times on this one.  Folks across the nation are fed up with their own healthcare costs and are in no mood to listen to whiners with defined benefit pensions.

And of course, it's only the right who uses over the top political imagery. 


"The Hammer" said...

They're about to wear out the brand. Keep it up even the NAZIs won't be NAZIs anymore.

Sally said...

It's hard to pick the most fascinating sidebar to this saga. I'm really torn between the wimp Democrats who had to flee rather than fight the issue or the teachers who called in sick so they could march on the Capitol. I guess it's still all about the children for them.

Sally said...

Or the President, in a Cambridge cop redux, wading into the issue to voice his support for the union.

Tom de Plume said...

PJ O'Rourke once wrote that anyone who ever slept with an elementary education major in college doesn't have to ask what's wrong with education in America. Watching the Wisconsin teacher riots and any youtube debate that Chris Christy has with some NJEA hag has the same effect.

"The Hammer" said...

Just ask CW Tom. He shagged half of the Shenandoah Valley apparently. There's bound to be an education major in there somewhere.

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