Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brown Reveals Abuse, DSCC Sees Opportunity

Senator Scott Brown has recently penned his memoirs (so has Justin Bieber, which I guess is fair since they have an equal number of accomplishments). In Brown's case, he's chosen to reveal the fact that he was sexually molested at the age of ten by a camp counselor.

But that is not the icky part of this story. The icky part is the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, with the help of some Bay State newspapers, has opted to use this info to go after Brown. They claim that it's a political stunt and hypocritical of him. Hypocritical because last year he endorsed a state candidate that was perceived as indifferent to sexual assault. One paper is appalled that he'd smear the name of a respected Christian summer camp, and won't reveal the attacker's name so they can go after him and restore their reputation.

Shame on the Massachusetts papers. But bigger shame on the DSCC. I'm not certain why Brown chose to reveal these secrets, but some things need to be left alone.

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Mudge said...

Hey Sally, go easy on the Biebs. You might upset a certain unnamed blog owner who, so I hear, has a serious case of Bieber Fever.

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