Monday, February 7, 2011

On the Decline of Man Space

Here's an interesting look at the elements in life that used to be exclusively male, which have declined over time.  I am in complete agreement as to the importance of man space.  I resent the intrusion of the modern world upon that which is by Grand Design, mine.  I rage against the dying light of manliness, the impulse to take rather than to be given; to claim, rather than to seek.  A mancave is my destiny, my right, my solemn claim to that which I share with all great men of the past.
TR's ManCave

Oh, and thank you Kitten for providing me with all of that.

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Mudge said...

Down my way, most man caves end up in some barn or garage that have become known colloquially as "poutin' sheds"

"The Hammer" said...

You make a valid point with sincerity and eloquence, and then you go and spoil it by cowtowing to some woman (thanks sweetie, smooch smooch). You're missing the spirit of this thing.

Sally said...

That article is crap. How many homes do you know that have womancaves? NONE. Women have to share every room of the house but men get these stupid caves. I want a cave.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

You're kidding me, right Sally. The whole GODDAMN house IS the woman's space. How many guys live actually sleep in a bedroom that reflects their asthetic? I know i don't.

How many guys get to design/appoint a kitchen? Few!

Women share every room but they dictate how those rooms will look, often down to the last detail.

Sally said...

Not even the point. Is the concept of the mancave really about decor? Or is it about an escape? Women have no private place to escape.

"The Hammer" said...

You're wasting your time CW, poor Sally may not have the objectivity (as well as the requisite Y chromosome) to understand the concept. But I think I have an approach that may just work.

Listen up Sally. Since the dawn of man there has been a division of labor. The male of the species went out to hunt and gather, women stayed home and screwed the mailman, eh scratch that, kept the home fires burning. Now, women have always been in charge of indoor space apart from very selected areas (garages, tool sheds etc.). This arrangement is so ingrained in our DNA we don't even think about it anymore.

All a mancave is is an indoor space where manlaw rules. If you want to smoke a cigar have at it, but if you burn the furniture you might get your ass kicked. Want a beer, no problem, get your fat ass up and get it yourself (and by the way bring me a cold one). Want to make suggestive comments at the stripper/cheerleaders on the sidelines, great, just make sure they funny. Manlaw rules!

Just think about this, Hugh Hefner made just as much money off just the fantasy of males controlling the indoors as he did off the jiggly.

No thanks necessary I'm here to help.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm going to side with Sally.

A home is not about rooms and paint colors and furniture, but about the people who live in the space. If you're trying to be a part of a family, then the family shares the home. If you want to be a group of individuals who live under one roof, then everyone gets their own room. But then you miss on the essence of what makes a family a family - sharing and being together.

During our renovation/construction process, my husband spoke with the architect as many times as I did about space needs, requirements, desires. Not once did he stake claim to his own room or express a need for personal space. His point - we are a family and we share our space - and I agreed.

To make sure our shared spaces were as much his as mine, I offered him multiple opportunties to make decisions about design and decor, with ample time for him to research, visit warehouses and collect samples. He declined. I made the decisions and he made the choice to live with the decisions I made.

(Note: I worked full-time out of the house with frequent travel during construction, so it wasn't more convenient for me than him.)

"The Hammer" said...

I think we've got a women are from Venus, men are from Mars situation.
Women see inclusion, cooperation and sharing. Men see territorial dominance and freedom.
I just want a pool table, a wet bar and a big screen...and if Sgt. Major doesn't want these things in the sitting room she better let me have my own space.

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