Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thank God--Jesse Jackson Has Made It To Wisconsin

Finally, some racial diversity.


Doc Milnamo said...

The Reverends Jesse Jackson and (soon to be on the scene) Al Sharpton have done more to retard race relations and feather their own nests in the process than anyone. My skin crawls at the mention of either opportunist's name.

And speaking of race, what the hell is that idiot Haley Barbour doing down in Mississippi?

"The Hammer" said...

I do miss his speeches.

Brothers and sisters, today we gather on the steps of the Wisconsin statehouse, just like in Selma, and Montgomery and Birmingham. We speak with one voice demanding justice. We marched here to stand with our overpaid underworked NEA members. We will not be denied.
When a child can't read, when a child be hungry, when a child needs a laptop and internet we the wealthy among us must provide. Every child is OUR child. Every child has to have stuff. Every God's child under the Sun is somebody!

We want the politics of hope, not nope. We want wage increases not welfare decreases. We want union dues not singing the blues.

Now stand together all y'all.
Say it out loud so Bull Connor up in the Governor's office can hear us "Gimme the Damn Money!"
"Gimme the Money!"
"Gimme the Money!"

BigFred said...

He and Rev. Al are going to have a hard time finding hair care products in Madison.

Anonymous said...

When Moochers Run Out of Benefits - Looting & Riots
wait till money runs out for food stamps ... wait till money runs out for unemplyment benefits ... Wait till money runs out for Sec 8 housing.

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