Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obama and Egypt

Clearly there's a whole lot more to play out in the Egypt story, and clearly the Obama Administration was caught flat-footed by the entire uprising.  That said, I've been largely satisfied with their handling of things, once they found their way, and I've also been largely impressed with the adults of the Republican Party who've coalesced around the theme of "he did about as well as can be expected."  Brit intellect Niall Ferguson's recently been out and about putting the screws to Mr. Obama over his handling of the situation, and I watched a bit of it via  YouTube the other night.  I came away from it with a tad less respect for Mr. Ferguson's intellect (which to that point had been high, very high).  This morning, I espied this piece from The Atlantic and found it pretty close to the way I felt about Mr. Ferguson's opinions. 

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"The Hammer" said...

Well they cut the gonads off the intelligence apparatus and now they're flying blind.
Look, same old same old with Democratic administrations. They are first and foremost politicians; that is what they're good at. They have little talent for anything else so what happens is we don't even get the government we pay for. They populate the diplomatic corps and bureaucracies with hacks. I saw this with Carter.
I've said it before and it's worth repeating. There is at least one really important foreign policy screw up with every Democratic Prez. A screw so massive we live with it for decades to come. LBJ's was Vietnam. Carter's was Iran and the rise of Islamo-fascism. Clinton's was his spoon-feeding of a backward Stalinist state into a dangerous and menacing world power.
The tree in the Muslim world is being shaken and if the leaves fall in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, we could be looking at Obama's debacle.

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