Friday, February 4, 2011

We're just too darn noble to take your money

The dirtiest word to a Democrat is 'corporation,' and in case anyone doubted it, they've announced they will accept no corporate donations for their 2012 Charlotte convention that Hammer is looking forward to attending. Nor will they accept money from PACs or lobbyists. Additionally, individual contributions may not exceed $100,000. However, they feel they'll have no problem raising the necessary $36 million.

This may possibly be noble, if it wasn't totally bogus. Does anyone really believe that corporate money is not sneaking in? How about George Soros' donations, think they will be exceeding $100,000?

Or is it possible this will be the first convention funded by Doodad Pro and Good Will?


"The Hammer" said...

Lies, lies, all lies. A vortex of lies, a tsunami of lies, a Hurricane Camille of lies. A Star Wars Death Ray planet shattering explosion of lies.

If we lived in ancient times when slaves were bought and sold for all kinds of purposes, and I owed a man a "lying son of a bitch", and said man refused a "Democrat" as payment, I would recognize no further debt obligation.

Anonymous said...

my haiku:
corporations bad
non-corporations awesome
written on ipad

The Conservative Wahoo said...

This will go a long way toward the President's desire to show he isn't "anti-business". :)

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