Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Historic First for a Male"

THIS!!! [pant-pant-pant] JUST IN FROM THE [huff-huff-huff] HUFFINGTON POST:

[drum roll please]

"In a historic appointment, the White House has just announced that Jeremy Bernard will be the first male ever to serve as White House Social Secretary."

O..........M..........G!!!!!!!!!!!!! AYSM??????

So I guess my first question, after pausing to catch my breath over the news of this apparent breakage of the White House glass ceiling, was:

"So what guy would seek to be the White House Social Secretary?"

I tried to think of all the men I know, in all their different trades and professions and I came up short for anyone who might courageously pioneer to blaze this path for men everywhere who dared to dream the heretofore impossible dream of one day becoming White House Social Secretary.

Bracing myself for yet another shock to my cardio-pulmonary system, I read the next sentence:

"Jeremy, also the first open member of the LGBT community to have that high honor, will return from Paris where he was serving as Senior Advisor to the Ambassador."


Hello? Earth to Mudge. What were you thinking?


Sally said...

The parties are going to be FABULOUS! And does this White House ever do ANYTHING that isn't historic?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the "Open Closet" er, I mean, "Open House" that will accompany the DADT Repeal Soiree, hosted by him

Tom de Plume said...

So he's a lesbian too?

Anonymous said...

Clinton began his tryst with Monica when the Republicans shut down the government and the White House started sponsoring late night pizza parties for the interns. D'ya think Barry O is on the "down low'?

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