Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Approach to Illegal Immigration

Frustrated with the lack of progress on the illegal immigration front, a state representative in Texas has introduced a novel plan: any law enforcement agency that has an illegal in custody should take the offender to the office of a U.S. Representative or Senator and leave them there.

No word on what they're supposed to do with them once they get there, and the representative admits that this is mostly a cry for help for more border security. Still, the Texas legislature intends to get serious about illegal immigration this year and this could be among the measures considered.

It's dumb. But if the idea somehow catches on, I guess it'll give Jesse Jackson something to do once his work is finished in Wisconsin.

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Mudge said...

I have an idea: Tell the detained undocumented guest worker, en espagnol of course, that he is free to go and that the word "Obama" on a car means "Please accept this car as a welcome gift for you to use while here in this country."

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