Sunday, May 1, 2011

Former Leader of a Nation Accuses Own Nation of Human Rights Violations While Shilling for Former Nation's Avowed Enemy

"What idiot would do such a thing?" you ask?

Here are some clues: Jimmy and Carter.

Shortly after the election of Barak Obama in 2008, Former President Jimmy Carter, realizing that his lock on the title, "Worst US President in Modern Times," was just 4 years shy of being broken, set out on a plan to forever enshrine himself as the "Worst Former US President EVER."

Ever since the American electorate (mercifully) ushered Mr. Carter into the ranks of former Presidents back in 1980, he embarked on a steady but effective plan to enhance his qualifications for this highly revered place of stature among progressive Americans. He slowly but steadily added to his qualifications over the years since leaving office, but he is apparently worried that if he doesn't pull out all the stops now, while he is still able, he will lose the title in 2013 when American voters help the Obama family relocate their residence. This week, on behalf of another glorious leader named Kim Jong-Il, Former US President and Present Traitor-in-Waiting Carter accused his fellow countrymen and women, the whole lot of us, of human rights violations for withholding our food contributions to North Korea just because they want to build nuclear warhead tipped missiles that could kill us human rights violators who were sending them our food.

Listen to what a lifetime of eating liberal swill does to a brain:

Chairman and General Secretary Kim Jong-Il sent word [through former President of the United States, me] that he is willing, and the people of North Korea are willing, to negotiate with South Korea, or with the United States, or with the…other five powers…on any subject, at any time, and without any preconditions.

And for the South Koreans, and for the Americans and others, deliberately to withhold food aid to the North Korean people, because of political or military issues not related, is really indeed a human rights violation

The next time you find yourself outside the United States, "Dontcome Back, Carter"


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Well put.

Tom de Plume said...

Can we dump his body at sea too?

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