Friday, May 13, 2011

Kirk Lippold--Candidate for NV-2 Special Election--To Appear on This Monday's Conservative Wahoo Live!

I've got a treat for you ladies and gentlemen--this Monday at 8PM, Fred and I will be joined by Kirk Lippold, candidate for Congress in Nevada's 2nd District, the seat opened up when its previous occupant was appointed by the Governor to fill the rest of resigned Senator Ensign's seat.

Go to Kirk's Website and take a look at the man.  Donate money to his campaign with the easy feature you can find there (I just did!).  

If you give money--mention that you did so after a nudge from the Conservative Wahoo.  We need to track influence!

Kirk and I served in the Navy for a long time together, and we knew each other a good bit when he was an assistant to the Secretary of the Navy and I was the CNO's Speechwriter.  He left that tour to go and be the CO of USS COLE (DDG 67), and the rest is history. That ship is in service today due to the bravery and persistence of its crew, a crew that was led with tremendous skill and inspiration by Kirk Lippold. 

Join us Monday night.


"The Hammer" said...

Think he can get us "comped" in Vegas? Man I could do with a little r&r.

Mudge said...

Kirk is the kind of man who will not let political survivability stand in the way of illuminating what he believes to be the right thing for America. We need more like him. I'm scraping together the few dollars my wife leaves me and sending it his way.

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