Monday, May 9, 2011

Agenda for Tonight's Radio Show

Join in the fun tonight at 8PM for The Conservative Wahoo Live! Internet Radio Program,  where our working agenda is:
--More on the Killing of Bin Laden and White House Performance
--What to do with Pakistan?
--What does Bin Laden’s death mean for Afghanistan?
--Unemployment back to 9%--Where is the recovery?
--The GOP Presidential Field
--Attorney General Eric Holder, considered

Listen in at the link above, call in at 347.637.2203 (where you can choose to listen, or be passed through to my switchboard if you'd like to talk.)

1 comment:

"The Hammer" said...

Listened to about 15 minutes of the blogcast last night (actually the wee hours, between calling Ralph) hoping to hear an expression of sympathy for the long suffering Hammer, but alas it was not to be. Thanks lads, it's good to know who'll be there when the chips are down.

So often we get caught up in our own little worlds. Our self-centered, self-absorbed meaningless little lives blind us to the greater priorities and greater good. This reprehensible episode is a case right on point. As I tell my employees: when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, ask yourself, what can I do to make the Hammer's life easier and more profitable today? From what I understand it's quite a liberating experience.

Oh, what was up with the discussion of judicial review? Sounded like a hostile witness in the dock. Was that a regular?

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