Monday, May 16, 2011

Dr.K Feasts on Obama's Immigration Speech

Charles Krauthammer really is a treasure.  This piece on immigration--specifically Mr. Obama's tendentious speech on the subject last week on the US-Mexican border--gives us a great view of Mr. Obama's rhetorical style:

"The El Paso speech is notable not for breaking any new ground on immigration, but for perfectly illustrating Obama’s political style: the professorial, almost therapeutic, invitation to civil discourse, wrapped around the basest of rhetorical devices — charges of malice compounded with accusations of bad faith. “They’ll never be satisfied,” said Obama about border control. “And I understand that. That’s politics.”"

Additionally, it contains an element of truth for most thinking Conservatives:

"I have little doubt that most Americans would be quite willing to regularize and legalize the current millions of illegal immigrants if they were convinced that this was the last such cohort, as evidenced by, say, a GAO finding that the border is under full operational control and certification to the same effect by the governors of the four southern border states."

This really is it, Dems and Libs (but I repeat myself).  Help us get to yes on illegal aliens already here.  I'm perfectly willing to find a way to naturalize them--but STOP THE BLEEDING FIRST.  Give the system a chance to process those already here before opening the petcock on the next slug of illegals.

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BigFred said...

We need to TAX these multiple millions of people. Depending on what numbers you use, they represent up to 7% of the population. Furthermore, if you wire money (remittances) to Honduras or El Salvador (or Somalia for that matter) and use cash? Bring your pay stub/W2 with you and show me you paid tax on those monies, or Uncle Sugar will tax it right there, a "point of sale" tax over and above the handling fee.

Now THERE is a pillar to campaign on.

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