Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baseball Great Lets Go

Killebrew & Killebrew statue outside Target Field, Twin Cities

The great Harmon Killebrew, suffering from esophageal cancer, has decided to end his fight.

An iconic figure to anyone with a passing interest in baseball, he is larger than life to a Minnesotan. An eleven-time All Star, one-time League MVP, 1984 Hall of Fame inductee and one hell of a fine man.

Consider how many people playing the game today will be remembered with palpable sadness when we hear of their imminent passing. It's an awfully short list.


"The Hammer" said...

I went to a mall in Minneapolis a few years ago that had been built where Memorial Stadium once stood. The place was huge, I mean really BIG! And somebody pointed out to me a chair hanging up near the ceiling and it was the chair Killebrew hit with his 400 home run (or something).
With all those great Viking teams that played there, that was what they chose to remember. Just think if the Mick had played there, they'd have probably renamed the town Mickeyapolis.

Mudge said...

Nice post, Sally. It's always nice to read about lives well-lived, and I'm not talking at all about his playing career.

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