Friday, May 6, 2011

The GOP Debates

It looks like Republicans held a debate in South Carolina last night, one of the key early states in the 2012 Primary.  While I'm sure it is important for some of the less well-known, less popular candidates to be present and heard from in a forum like this, the biggies sat it out.  I think that's probably good.  For some reason, I get the sense that it is just a bit early to start the race.  It is certainly too early for me to pay much attention to it.

Present were Herman Cain (damn interesting candidate), Rick Santorum (huge longshot), Tim Pawlenty (solid but uninspiring), Gary Johnson (who?) and Ron Paul. 

Ron Paul is going to be a force in this primary--while I don't think he will win, I think (unlike 2008), he CAN win.  His small government, libertarian, leave us alone approach to governing has become increasingly popular among independents, and he's pretty darn quotable too.  He'll definitely impact the race, in ways that I consider to be largely positive. 

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Sally said...

Pawlenty was solid but looked like he'd been practicing for this in front of his bathroom mirror for two years. I agree with you about Ron Paul, if only he didn't look and sound like...Ron Paul. Sadly, Big Fat Loser Santorum sounded pretty good, and will be received well in a place like South Carolina.

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