Thursday, May 26, 2011

President Acts Unilaterally; War on Terror Coalition Unravels

PAH'-kee-stahn has ordered the US to reduce U.S. troop presence and is closing three intelligence liaison centers, which is almost certain to hinder U.S. ability to find and eliminate insurgent sanctuaries in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This move is in response to the Administration's decision to, without Pakistan's permission, conduct a military action inside Pakistan's sovereign territory to execute Osama Bin Laden.

While most of this blog's readership, me included, agrees with the Administration's decision to take this action, one can't help but wonder just how deafening the indignation of leftward-leaning citizens and, in particular, our media would be were it not for the fact that the words "Barak Hussein Obama" lack the letter "W"

I once spoke to a Soviet citizen about the state newspaper, Pravda ("Truth"), in the USSR and asked him what it was like to have only news the state allowed to be printed. His response was surprisingly enlightened: "At least we KNOW what we read is not true. You, however, can never really know whether what you read is true or false." His words may never have been more pertinent than during this administration with this generation of journalists. The only thing deafening about the reaction to this news out of Pakistan is the silence accompanying it.
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