Sunday, May 1, 2011

Barack Obama Slay's 'Em

You know, I've seen these White House Press Corps Dinners for years now, and it seems that the President's part in the play is always pretty well done--irrespective of the President.  Talented writers, comfort in front of crowds, it all works.

To his credit, President Obama is the best I've seen--he's got pretty damn good timing and a great delivery--not to mention the little interstitial chuckle he throws out there now and then.

The first 18 minutes of so of clip on this page is of the President's speech.

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Mudge said...

I'm glad he went after Paul Ryan. It made me envision a cartoon of Paul Ryan running up to the pilot house to steer SS USA away from the shoals while CAPT Obama was down on the lido deck telling jokes to a fawning press corps.

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