Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm With Mudge---Rot in Hell

It's 0518 on Monday the 2nd of May, and I've just come out to my office to start my day's labors.  This blog is my home page, so when it opened and I saw Mudge's post with Bin Laden's face--I feared the worst--as I had not heard anything last night.

I, like many others, have longed for this day.  Like many others, I began to despair of its ever coming.  Now that it is here, I find myself without the right words.  So many emotions, so many memories.

I offer my thanks and praise to the men who ended Bin Laden's sordid existence.  The report I just read on FoxNews stated that they were Navy Seals--if this proves true, then I am all the more proud.

I am proud of my President for having the courage to give the order to kill this man, deep inside Pakistan and in a house 100 yards from the gate of a Pakistani military academy.  Pakistan has some very important questions to answer this morning.

I am proud of the national security team, who obviously thought through the ramifications of how this all should play out--that a dead Bin Laden is better than a live Bin Laden; that a body represents a rallying point.  Dumping his body at sea (or at least reporting that is what has been done) is the right move. 

I am grateful to the men and women who have served and in some cases, died, in order that the rest of us might see this day.

I wonder what will be the reaction from the world's Islamic people?  Will they recognize the improvement of the world condition in his killing?  Or will they take to the streets in classic "Death to America" rage?  Today's a George Bush day my friends--you're either with us, or you're with the terrorists.

I wonder what will be the Kitten's response when I wake her in an hour, as my place here was created by the evil thoughts and actions of the man now decomposing in the sea.  I have seen in her the very essence of Christian thought and deed these past four years, as at no time have I ever heard a word of hate or anger toward this vile mobile dungheap.  This day, I believe she deserves a moment of justice-driven satisfaction.

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