Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bad Bad Leroy Fick

...baddest guy in the whole damn town (pause for groan from reader). News snippet here of a gent from Michigan, Mr. Leroy Fick, who won two million bucks on a game show last year.

Did this deter him from continuing to use food stamps? Heck no! Did the state of Michigan rescind his food stamp benefits? Heck no! Did the Department of Human Services in fact tell him to continue using his benefit card? Why, yes!

I'm relieved. Apparently Michigan is in much better fiscal shape than we've been led to believe.


Tre'Zayle said...

Of course this man (and I won't say gentleman) doesn't feel bad... he doesn't have an ounce of pride.

Why was this man receiving food stamps for anyways,,, don't you have to have children to qualify for public assistance?

Anonymous said...

The State offers it and the rules are stated, he has every right to the benefits, god knows that the States and local Governments are doing all they can to get dollars off of taxpayers, home owners, car drivers etc, when a legal opportunity comes your way you are foolish not to benefit from it.

Tom de Plume said...

Interesting in light of the earlier piece about seniors and their social security benefits. If a 70 year old wins the lottery, does he forego his social security check?

But it shows the attitudes of the social services workers and officials. Their power comes from insuring that as many as possible suckle on the public teat. I don't imagine many are Republicans.

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