Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Wonderful Trump Take-Down

The Donald
As many of you know, I've not been a fan of Donald Trump's recent emergence as a potential Republican Presidential candidate.  I think he's a boor.  I think he's arrogant.  I think he's a ridiculous self-promoter.  I think his beliefs written on an Etch-a-Sketch and his credentials as a Republican are laughable. But if you really want a good Donald take-down, read this. 


Reaganite Republican said...

Say what you want about Trump, this is what a warrior looks like, CW

And our side is pathetically lacking someone to get in Obama's face like this, they destroyed Palin when she tried.

Now this guy lands some major shells in the enemy camp, and everybody's suddenly afraid their favored candidate is going to get run out of the primaries or something.

I say let the man talk, I'm not that different as for my view of him as a person... and neither is a friend of mine who knows him well.

But that friend said his view of Trump as an individual is entirely irrelevant to the GREAT service Trumps' doing the country by confronting Obama.

Add to that the fact that my hot button issues, i.e. Iran, are almost totally ignored by all the other GOPers, except maybe Bolton... I'm damn glad Trumps around stirring the pot, and don't at all understand those on the Right in a big hurry to run him off.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Say what you want about what a warrior looks like, RR, Donald Trump is not a serious Presidential candidate.

He is free to do what he likes, to lob shells as he sees fit, and his supporters are free to find it all worth praising.

I'd simply prefer that he do it as "Donald Trump--Real Estate Magnate" and not "Donald Trump--Potential GOP Presidential Candidate". He's got not a whiff of Republican or Conservative ideology in him (have a gander at his thoughts on Kelo, abortion, taxes, health care, etc) and he's got nary a clue on foreign policy (take the oil, trade war with China).

So sure, Warrior on, Donald. Have a nice time. Just stop associating yourself with the serious business of sorting out who will be the GOP nominee.

"The Hammer" said...

CW with all respect you're looking at this wrong. The big loser here is Obama, Plough and co. This birth cert. issue was a big winner for them. They could use it up until the next election as a means to position ALL Republicans as racist whack jobs. Plus if they were lucky enough to get a serious candidate to take the bait (or even the eventual nominee) they could drop the bomb two weeks before the election and pick up two, three points.

This was the gift that keeps on giving and I can guarantee you they are absolutely livid at losing it. And they have nowhere to go. They can't attack the Republicans with any effect because Trump is a brand, a very successful brand and he's not considered a politician much less a Republican.

In the past few days they've tried to brand him a clown, an idiot, a racist and anything else they think may stick. But it's pointless. He is New York establishment, he's in the damn club, and that's it, end of story.

Just one more thing. What does Trump do? He's a real estate magnate. There's no sector of the economy that has been hit harder than real estate. Trump is pissed and justifiably so. Those fools don't know what the hell they're doing and have cost him money. I'm sure he'll fade away but not before he gets his pound of flesh, and I love the fact he's not imtimidated.

Mudge said...

Interesting perspective, Hammer. Sun Tzuian. I like it.

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