Friday, May 13, 2011

The President on The Border

Sorry I'm just getting to this one folks, but better late than never, huh?  Three days ago, near the border with Mexico, President Obama gave a speech about immigration.  Clearly designed to shore up sagging support for his Presidential Campaign by America's "voting" Hispanics, the President gave an incredibly--even by his standards--disingenuous speech.  In it, he basically declared the border problem with Mexico "fixed", and by doing so, attempted to make those of us who believe one of the basic functions of government is to control who enters our country illegally, look silly and over-reaching.  He did not succeed.

Most enraging of all in the President's speech is the degree to which he attempts to paint those who believe people should not enter the country illegally as also being against those who enter the country LEGALLY.  NOTHING could be farther from the truth.  Here he is on the subject, in full ridiculosity:

"Look at Intel, look at Google, look at Yahoo, look at eBay. All those great American companies, all the jobs they've created, everything that has helped us take leadership in the high-tech industry, every one of those was founded by, guess who, an immigrant. (Applause.)
So we don't want the next Intel or the next Google to be created in China or India. We want those companies and jobs to take root here. (Applause.) Bill Gates gets this. He knows a little something about the high-tech industry. He said, "The United States will find it far more difficult to maintain its competitive edge if it excludes those who are able and willing to help us compete."

Yes, Mr. President.  Those companies were started by immigrants.  LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.  Folks who followed our rules, who minded their P's and Q's.  How about treating us to a list of such titans who are here illegally?


Tubby McG said...

I liked his comments about a moat. Hell, that won't work. a friggin' ocean couldn't keep Barack Sr out.

Tru Thoer said...

"How about treating us to a list of such titans who are here illegally"

1. Barack Obama

Mudge said...

2. Stink Bugs

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