Friday, May 13, 2011

UVA Honor Code Tested By False Racial Harassment Claim

This one is rich...too juicy to pass up for a blogger who calls himself  "The Conservative Wahoo".

It seems 3rd year UVA law student Jonathan Perkins (as in , just a couple of weeks from graduating) wrote an article in the UVA Law School's weekly newspaper detailing an incident in which he was harassed by University Police while walking home from a party.  Perkins claims that the harassment dished out by the police was due to his being an African-American.  His article was followed-up by a companion piece in which his law-school mates outdid themselves in vying for the title of "Grandest Statements of White Guilt". Read the Link and the links it contains.  An amazing story.

Only problem was, he made the whole thing up.  Yep.  Lock, stock and barrel.  Will the police charge him with making a false statement?  Nope.  Don't want to "discourage others"--a load of B.S. if I've ever heard it.

But then, there's that pesky little UVA Honor Code--single sanction, and student run.  It sounds from the article and from the press release of the UVA Law School Dean that this case is in the hands of the Honor Committee.  Do the right thing, Honor Committee.  Kick this man out of the school.


Doc Milnamo said...

" form a community of trust and integrity." If they don't kick him out, UVa's honor code - or at least the students administering it - have no integrity themselves.

Mudge said...

This young man ostensibly went to UVa to obtain an education. Since our liberal friends (oxymoron, I know) love the term "teachable moment" I can't help but wonder what lesson this respectable institution will end up teaching this particular student. And whether that lesson will be that in this specific case he will "not be judged by the color of [his] skin but by the content of [his] character. The dream's message swings both ways. Let's hope UVa's Honor Board's undersanding of it is more than, well, skin deep.

"The Hammer" said...

Similar incident at Carolina recently. I guess these idiots are just trying to raise their black bona fides, and they do a lot of damage. To me this is tantamount to claiming you won the Silver Star in Nam when you never left Fort Polk (or Fort Wayne).

Hell yes, kick his ass out.

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