Friday, March 12, 2010

Cato Video on the Real Costs of Public Education

Three minute video that shows how the debate over school funding is often obscured by fast and loose accounting by school districts.


"The Hammer" said...

My God in Heaven, I knew they did this but not to this extent. These people are criminals plain and simple and somebody should go to jail.

Bill_C said...

Yep, right up there with the CEO of AIG, Lehman Brothers and all the other investment houses that hid huge debts in derivatives and CDOs. These "criminals" just about destroyed my financial portfolio, including money I earned but put aside for my future. These are the guys that need to be in jail.
From the CATO report it appears that school boards use pretty much the same accounting techniques. If you want to include capital costs for a clearer picture then lobby the school board. If what CATO reports is true, my local taxes are a bargain for the level of education my kids receive in the public school, one of the best in Virginia.

"The Hammer" said...

Nobody forced you to invest with those people or anyone else. Can you see the difference Bill?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Nicely done, Hammer. Nicely done.

Bill_C said...

How is that a school board, that from the CATO reports uses nationally accepted accounting practices are criminals? How is that?

Do you have school age children? Do they attend public school? If yes to then you contribute to this problem.

CATO also minimizes the cost of attendance at private schools. Tuition is the entering argument. The parent whose kids attend a private school will be bombarded with fund raising requests, art sales, etc through the course of a year.

As to the comment, "no one made you invest in these corporations.' I thought you were a conservative. I was saving for my retirement because I don't believe that social security will be there when I retire and I want a much better standard of living than SS will provide. I guess you are just planning on having the state take care of you.

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