Thursday, March 11, 2010

Father Carl In Afghanistan

Army Chaplain Carl Subler first came to my attention as a young enlisted man on USS VELLA GULF (CG 72). I was the Operations Officer, and Carl was a fresh caught, right out of A-School Operations Specialist Seaman. I instantly liked the guy--smart, incredibly enthusiastic, always wanted to be a part of whatever evolution was going on. I spent many, many long mid-watches standing Tactical Action Officer with OSSN Subler sitting right next to me, solving the world's problems and discussing issues of great importance.

Carl loved the Navy and was really good at it. It never surprised me that he returned to active duty as a Catholic Chaplain in the Army--though I've always wished that he'd stayed Navy.

All good things to you Father Carl. Vaya con Dios.

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PK said...

"Subler" was an absolute darling! I adored him. Thank you SO MUCH for this post.

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