Friday, March 26, 2010

I hope there's not an inheritance tax on all these items

Vice President Joe Biden said Friday at at a Dallas fundraiser that the Obama administration's political troubles are rooted in the failures of...wait for it...the Bush years.

“We inherited a cynical republic,” he told a room full of supporters at a Northwest Dallas home. “And I can’t blame them. Eight years of collapse, eight years of being misled about wars.
They [Republicans] still believe cynicism will prevail, that the government can’t do anything, that we’re a bunch of socialists – all these things you hear. I think the healthcare debate put a big stake in the heart of that argument.”

Yes, Mr. Vice President, the healthcare debate has done a great deal to dispel Americans' cynicism in their government.


Anonymous said...

I love the tag "Joe Biden's Greatest Hits!" Recommend it becomes a tag to bring up previous posts which would, in fact, yield his hits.

Tom de Plume said...

Is there any question as to the Democrats misuse of the term "inherited"? I'm sure each of the Kennedys actually think they've "earned" what they have.

Smoothfur said...

Still, when one considers the Democrat propensity for being loose with the truth, one must admire Joe Biden for his reticence in not telling us that it was the fault of George Bush and the Republicans that he inherited the baldness gene and even worse that it was their fault that his hair transplants never really took root.

But not to worry, under Obamacare, he may get several more opportunities.

Mudge said...

Great post Sally. Joe Biden - the bloggers' go to guy. I'm guessing the reason the media isn't pursuing their usual diet of VP rump roast is because they are still digesting Quayle's and Cheney's upon which they gorged themselves.

Goldwater's Ghost said...

We need to be careful here; I think the next Republican administration (2012 hopefully?)may be using the "we inherited this mess" mantra quite a lot.

Mudge said...

GG - I propose we use a slightly different approach than "we inherited this from the Dems": "We rescued this from the Dems and we're now in the process of resuscitating it"

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