Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Samuelson on Obama's Coming Budget Crisis

Wonderful piece here by one of the best, Robert Samuelson. There is so much lying, so much trickery, so much obfuscation, in this bill. Samuelson helps cut through the BS. Bottom line here: this was a bill designed to do two things: 1) increase government control over more of our lives and 2) provide healthcare to a greater number of uninsured. It was not and has never been about controlling costs. Individual premiums will rise, and the national debt will skyrocket. This is legislative malpractice.


Mudge said...

Legislative malpractice would assume they were actually trying to do legislative practice and, through negligence, failed to achieve what they were attempting to achieve.

From everything I can see, the President, the Speaker and Senate Majority Leader all achieved precisely what they intended AS A FIRST STEP.

This is not malpractice. Much as Dr. Frankenstein could hardly be sued for medical malpractice, for he was not attempting to practice medicine, Congress cannot be sued for legislative malpractice. Like Dr. Frank, Congress was attempting to create a legislative monster but instead of robbing graves for parts, they simply used pages from Das Kapital, Mein Kampf and The Little Red Book to form its core, then covered the form with papier mache shreds of The Constitution of the United States of America to make it, at least to those with really poor vision, look lovable.

Anonymous said...

Great article. Samuelson, as usual, is right on target.

Here's a nice column which might brighten your day.

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