Sunday, December 19, 2010

PVT Bradley Manning is "Very Annoyed"... his solitary confinement [oops! apologies to those who already jumped to the link: belated Huffington Post alert]. He can't exercise, he's bored, and darn it, he's just not enjoying his experience very much.

There are apparently some fellow citizens who in addition to hailing him as "a hero" have provided some money to his defense fund, but, apparently after originally promising to help with a donation of $20K, those highly-principled heroes at Wikileaks have decided they have other intentions for their money than to offer even a chunk of flotsam to the guy who helped put them on the map before cutting him adrift.

For some odd reason, this story of PVT Bradley's unpleasantries touched a soft spot in my heart. Perhaps it's the time of year but, whatever the reason, I think he should be released. That's right, released.

And I am offering to give him the opportunity and venue to don some gay apparel and get some exercise. In fact, if the DoD would turn him over to me right now, I would immediately dress him in a deer outfit and turn him loose to run in my woods while we play hide and seek.

00 buck makes for some pretty wicked leaks. Let's see how much he wikiwhines then.


Anonymous said...

"...under conditions that constitute cruel and inhumane treatment..."

Just another thing the new military is going to have to get used to. Anything less than 320 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets just won't do for the gay traitor.

"The Hammer" said...

Let's all chip in and send him a David Beckham poster. Give him something to do with himself.

Tom de Plume said...

My Lord, Anonymous of the 19th called that one.

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