Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wedding Announcement, 2010 Style

Today's New York Times brings us the heartwarming wedding notice of John Partilla and Carol Riddell, a pair that met in a pre-K parents meeting...while wedded to other people. After their initial encounter, John, Carol and their spouses became friends to the point of vacationing together.

Alas, it was too painful for the pair as John eventually confessed his love. Carol admitted feeling the same way. They ended their respective marriages, leaving a number of wrecked lives in their wake, and married last month.

And somehow found it appropriate to include this tale in their wedding notice.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Love this, Sally. Linked to it on my FB page.

"The Hammer" said...

Sounds like one of those shows Sgt. Major watches. What that one on Sunday night?

Anonymous said...

This has ben getting a lot of play on the morning talk shows. Looks like a strategic decision on the part of NYT to justify gay marriage based on the worst examples thay can find of marriage.

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