Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Fabulous Ad Writes Itself

Lookie here.  We have Erskine Bowles, former Clinton chief of staff and the 'Bowles' part of the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission.  The Democrat half.    In an appearance at UNC in the fall of 2011, he sings the praises of Paul Ryan...and describes the President's budget as not serious.   Watch this.  It provides great contrast between the two tickets, one as serious and earnest and the other as frivolous, and it'd make a fantastic ad.  (The Weekly Standard thinks so too.)

1 comment:

PK said...

Holy cow. That's just stinkin' beautiful. Hallelujah.

I do hope no one nixes it because Mr. Bowles' tie is the same color as the wall behind him. Very distracting. :)

Do you happen to know Mr. Bowles' workout routine? That information would be a great help to me in assessing his credibility. Thanks.

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