Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama 2008/Romney 2012--The Fundraising Double Standard

Do you, faithful readers, remember that long-ago age, when candidate Barack Obama decided to forgo public financing of his 2008 Presidential Campaign (unlike his Republican opponent), and the Bought and Paid For Media (BAPFM) excoriated him for it?  Right.  I don't remember that either.  I remember story after story linking Obama's fundraising machine to the steady, efficient candidate, and the likelihood that this showing was a credit to his organizational skills--not to mention the high level of enthusiasm of young and charged up voters. We also heard about their mastery of technology and how the lumbering, stumbling Republicans had not figured out "social media". Yes friends, his fundraising acumen was routinely alluded to as a harbinger of great things to come in his administration, should one come.

Well, now he is getting his clock cleaned by the Romney Machine.  Are you hearing any stories about how Romney's fundraising talent is a harbinger of things to come?  Are you hearing stories about the whipped up enthusiasm of Republican voters and their desire to see Barack Obama defeated?  Are you hearing the fact that 95% of donors last month made contributions of less than $250 to the Romney Campaign?

Of course not.  You hear about Republican fatcats.  You hear this sense that evil money is making its way into the Presidential election (something you heard all the time in 2008, right).  In this Washington Post story, the writer even mentions Obama's 2008 success, without in any way bringing up the irony that Romney is doing it better.  Here's how Obama's 2008 effort was described:  Obama was a fundraising colossus in 2008 as he transfixed the country with his historic campaign, raising a record $750 million, including $150 million in September.  Are you hearing anyone refer to Romney as a "fundraising colossus"?  No. 

Just one more example of what we are up against, folks. 

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