Monday, August 13, 2012

Legalize Dope, and Only Dopes Will Use It

It's time folks. The war on drugs is over, and we lost. There is only one society/country that I'm aware of that has ever eradicated widespread drug use once it became entrenched in the culture, and that was Communist China. Now if you advocate shooting drug dealers on sight without any of the rigmarole of due process and all that stuff, then let's have at it. But until such time as a sweetheart like Chou En-lai takes over America, I just don't see that approach working.

Need I go into the billions upon billions of dollars wasted in this futile attempt to control America's desire for drugs? Need I mention the consequences of enriching violent criminal gangs as a result of this ridiculous and pointless "war"?

But not only is this bad policy anyway you slice it, it's bad philosophically. Every individual has a right to do as they choose as long as they don't forcefully or fraudulently interfere with another's right to the same. If someone wants to throw their life away that is their choice, and if they're determined in their pursuit of death and degradation, there's not a helluva a lot you or the government can do about it. You cannot save someone from themselves.

I say legalize drugs, all drugs immediately at the federal level. Regulate them, tax them, but do not criminalize the sale or use of any drug. If the individual States wish to impose restrictions, penalties, prohibitions, rehabilitation; whatever, that's their business. But the D.E.A. is finished. The Feds need to get out of the drug business.

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Anonymous said...

I would also like to see this but I'm sure if employers insist on continued drug tests, the ACLU would jump all over it.

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