Monday, August 13, 2012

Elevating the Debate, Indeed

One of the best things about the Ryan pick is the fact that with such a wonky guy in the game, the debate should automatically be elevated.   Dana Milbank has opted to bring the elevator down to ground level with his first post-selection piece, writing about Ryan's...workout routine.  (Ryan's father, grandfather and great-grandfather all succumbed to heart disease in their 50s, so his daily P90X routines are smart for all kinds of reasons.)  Milbank, though, isn't giving Ryan credit for this, he's doing to get in the predictable shot:      

 It can only do us good as a nation to have as a role model such a fine physical specimen in high office. Hopefully, Ryan will inspire more Americans to get healthy. That's important, because if Ryan succeeds in ending Medicare, they won't be able to afford getting sick.

Thanks Dana - knew we could count on you.

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