Friday, August 31, 2012

On Mitt Romney, The Man

Like many of you, I watched last night's coverage of the convention, an event that was clearly stage managed to provided a more "in-depth" look into what kind of man Mitt Romney is and what makes him tick.

After the three people from his church gave their presentations, I sat there a little speechless, and even a little choked up.  The Kitten gave me one of her patented, "You alright there?" lines, which she knows to do when I get a little verklempt.  What I said to her was this--and now that I think about it 24 hours later, I want to share it with you:

"I'm a little choked up, partially from what these people just said, but also in some large way because of the stark realization of just how inferior a person I am to Romney.  Let's face it.  This guy has been good at everything he's done.  Good at marriage, good at fatherhood, good at governing, good at leading, good at making money....a superhuman life by anyone's terms....and he STILL has time to do a will for a 13 year old boy, to deliver a Thanksgiving meal, to shovel people's driveways.  This guy is just different.  As different from me as anyone I know.  He really is a good man".

Yep.  That's how I see it.


Sally said...

I was similarly moved. Those stories were beautiful. Think about that couple for a moment: they likely lead a quiet life, yet they think enough of this man to go on national TV and speak to millions about his goodness.

And it made Obama seem small in comparison. I suspect Team O is frantically searching this morning for someone whose lawn he mowed in his twenties.

But one of my favorite things was the duct-taped kitchen light. That's my dad and a whole bunch of dads across America. He's Fred McMurray!

Tom de Plume said...

That's hilarious Sally, the thought of Obama ever actually
engaging in what would be called "labor". No, I imagine he always thought himself above getting his hands dirty.

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